Be okay with not being okay. Cliche?

Have I ever looked in? Oh well always. But I have been for quite some time looking through the lens of fears and limiting beliefs and my internal system or the higher mind knows the right path and my physical mind is just not designed to know what’s about to happen and rather just to react on what’s happening.


That sometimes I will have to be 100% okay with being 100% not okay and trust that I’m going through a process and it’s all right.


Is that how writers die that they leave hope in their scars of not being read or appreciated.

Oh well no.

That’s just how it goes. We look ahead. We look forward to change cause we are change and we hope for a hope to be able to sell our thoughts, ourselves cause we are our thoughts so as to grow our roots deep within.

And the worst thing any writer would do would be to look for appreciation of ones content in all the wrong places. Don’t get me wrong, I love being appreciated for my writing but one gotta write when one knows one wants to so.

Or nonetheless this post has just been to make sure that I write quite a bit when I might really want to.


poetry’s okay but those love poets hit me different .. I don’t know how to start this one ..

Just a random thought, people really are good if I stop seeing them with what they shouldn’t be. Drop the thought of him being too cool or her being too cheesy or me , myself, being judged, or anything else that isn’t true.

So, I was going through some video and in the comments , someone wrote, that Japanese Legends say

The face you have in this lifetime

is the one,

you loved in your past lifetime..

I know you loved it,maybe people don’t believe in past recarnations and all but to be honest, I’m scared about all that..

But this quote, for the first I read it, I was like okay.. it may or may not be true but it will prevent people from getting insecure about their looks.. okay..I have lot of acne and I don’t feel much bad about it but when people give me remedies .. then of course.. like anybody., I’m irritated.. like remedies.. you want to get any, come to me, I hear people closely but I don’t take the warranty that it would work or not..

Cause few say, “ignore what you can’t do.”


When We’ll loose fears, we’ll have no shell to protect us..I know we are living for that day but the fact That, that day is not today is because We’re scared of what We’ll see after that day by breaking off this shell of ego and fear..

Hello dearest,

That day, almost an year after writing the shit-poetry, I opened it again, really good it was, but I didn’t felt the same. I hoped I wrote more happy pieces than sad ones but no worries I won’t relate anyways.

I’ve heard people say their friends help them out of trouble but mine let me read sad poetry to them so that I “could figure it out” myself.That worked:)


For me, I’m going to call this legit freedom that I’m on the roof writing this post at the time when it’s almost going to start thundering and also that my hairs are flirting with the wind 🌬..I don’t know why I didn’t banded them.. cause they’re wet..almost wet..Also, my Hindi weekly tomorrow..that I’ve hant prepared yet..

This lockdown thing is eating all people..I know..

So, I’ve got to discuss this..that I really don’t know which way I want things to’s confusing.. I don’t want to do promises that I may not be able to complete..or that I can’t trust people..but listen 👂..I can’t even trust my own self.. I’m true..about that cause I don’t know which way to go.. I legit don’t know..crossword..

This is like.. you wake up and see.. that life’s put in another mode and don’t know when it’s going to get as before or will it ever get that way or stuffs like that.. and you can’t do a bloody thing to control anything to do in life cause you don’t want to..

This is a beautiful time in life..but I’ve got trust issues on my ownself..

I know this thing.. I fall in love with those characters who are relatable..seriously relatable..

I may not post this one.. I’m sure I won’t.. at one point of time..okay..I never thought my dreams are coming true ..but I’m damn afraid..

Also.. I’m afraid if it will get normal..this time.. I’m afraid.. but.. I’m like..something’s happening with energy..I never thought it would happen..

Let’s over—not—think.

Hi people. I’m gonna write shit here so don’t mind the language

Maybe I’m writing about my struggles in overthinking but maybe not. I don’t know.

I never knew overthinking makes humans bloody strong and ill never know how but productive overthinking does help us. But we’re really inclined to pit emotions and everything into overthinking that it becomes shit. Not epic. Shit.

I have no idea what I’m writing about maybe I should do something new.

Lets do this.


Hey peoples—told ya’ wasn’t about sleep but the thing is music is real good but my taste ain’t that good—like I’m admitting it..

But, I read this somewhere that making a playlist is actually writing a love letter but it’s kinda more difficult. Of course it is and the thing is music’s good.